Chipping through editing my albums bit by bit and I enjoyed this video earlier this week so I wanted to share it with you. Dancers from the Makeda Thomas Dance Institute participated with Jouvay Ayiti in a mas action protesting discrimination against Haitian Dominicans urging for boycotts and action against the government of the Dominican Republic for its moves to deny citizenship and render stateless descendants of Haitians born and raised in the DR. Some were dressed as devils, there was a moko jumbie and here they are in the midst of Trini Calor, a group from La-Brea, and the Ella Andall truck. Here’s a quick video clip of the scene.

[wpvideo mkF2hLqS]

The cautious, perhaps even defensive expressions on people’s faces, probably expressing chagrin at the possibility their beautiful African clothes might get soiled with this “dirty mas” is amusing. The music and the vibe was wonderful. Throw back this Thursday and



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