Junkanoo WorldGary St. Louis shows off his design for a lead costume in Gaza Boyz weather elements-themed 2012 presentation

Junkanoo World

Fringe detail in Gaza Boyz big costume

Junkanoo World

Artist Jeffrey Myrrie (below) shows off the tools of his trade and sketches during interview on the making of Junkanoo costumes

Junkanoo WorldMas in the making at the Gaza Boys Junkanoo Shack in Masons Addition, Nassau, Bahamas

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa if you celebrate them. I hope you’ve had a lovely day. I know I have, but oh how I long to be in Nassau, Bahamas right now. Because African people are everywhere, somewhere in the world there is always a carnival, even today. At this moment the bands are fired up and ready to go for what I expect will be an amazing Junkanoo. In October I was fortunate to visit a couple Junkanoo shacks and see some of the work in progress. I wasn’t at liberty to show any of the pics then as this is for competition and it’s shrouded in secrecy. Hope you enjoy these now. If anyone can get me to Nassau on New Year’s day for part II, my bags are packed and I’m ready! 🙂



Junkanoo WorldJunkanoo World Junkanoo World

Hard work on the construction of their 2012  presentation at Music Makers Junkanoo Shack

PS: Click here for more images on the Studio Lafoncette Facebook page.

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