So I succumbed to the devilish inclination to get in on the April Fool’s Day pranks this past Friday. I’m almost ashamed but not quite (it was fun, I’ll admit that).

Here are more photos of my lovely find – and I won’t be eating any of this, this summer unless I go to the Caribbean Market or some other grocery that sells vegetables from “exotic locales”.

And for a more location appropriate visual, I present you with Zahra’s Monarch – named after the individual who found this one. Apparently the Monarch butterfly is famous for its southward migration and return to the north in warmer weather. Guess what, it’s going to be at least 80° F where I live today.





4 thoughts on “Today is April 4th… not April 1st”

  1. While you were trekking through Papa Bois’ green banana plantation (legally, I hope) I was wondering whether you came upon any douens?

  2. hah. i was gonna wait till i saw u to ask you since when u had coconut trees in your back yard. which were clearly in the pic. good one!

  3. Well it’s I guess we’re in the age where vampires can walk in daylight douens probably no longer live in the forests. Douens and the rest of T&T living in harmony.

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