I’ve been going through my archives and I came upon these photos earlier this week. Decided I’d save them for today to celebrate this dancer, masquerader, mommy, writer, visionary space activator and generally cool person Binahkaye Joy. These were taken during Carnival 2011 during Vulgar Fraction’s presentation: Face. Vulgar Fraction is a collection of artists loosely organised and inspired by Cloth co-founder, director, designer, Robert Young. They play an alternative mas that incorporates individual masqueraders working on their own costumes in the tradition of most of the small bands, and some of the medium ones in Trinidad and Tobago carnival.* It is a group that attracts creatives from all over the world who are drawn to this unique, but quintessentially Trini carnival activity.


Binahkaye was participating in an artist residency that year and her participation was a part of that experience. For more info check out her website Be(com)ing Binahkaye. And while you’re at it we can send up some birthday blessings for her today. More VF 2011 photos on Instagram.



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