Soumaree '06


Hello World! Welcome to my new blog.

I hope you’ll be informed and entertained by the content of this new exciting blog! I’ve decided to be fashionable. Of course, what photog has a website (see without a blog right. Some exciting new changes are underfoot. Did a party for a lovely family last week. Still working on the great, swift technology movement at Zawadi Gallery in DC (a fantastic place if you ask me, see Will post a couple photos from Zawadi’s soon.  Meanwhile, here’s what you can look forward to:

Updates on my photography journey, and lots of pics! I am most looking forward to insights and updates on the coming Trinidad & Tobago carnival and another trip in January, early Feb. You can check back here for ‘bits and pieces’ on the costumes, events and the emotional fury that drives that ancestral festival.

Lots of changes are underfoot with the website so I’ll post when they’re done.

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6 thoughts on “Discover a culture beyond your imagination!”

  1. I love how vibrant the colors of the masquerader,and the joy on her face just makes this picture so “sunny” and bright!! Great job!

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