Oshun Feast
Oshun Feast

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Drummers from Egbe Imo Uni Ishise, at the Festival for Oshun celebrated in south Trinidad this past weekend on Clifton Hill (Guapo) Beach, Point Fortin. I was informed that the festival was organized by a collection of Yoruba (orisha) shrines from Princes Town, Siparia, La-Brea, Point Fortin and Claxton Bay, the main organizing shrine being that of Baba Burns of Igbale Iyarin. A few similar events took place over the past two weeks at various beaches in Trinidad and Tobago. Oshun in T&T is symbolized with the color pink, whereas the color associated with the orisha in Brazil, Cuba and Nigeria is largely yellow. Worshipers sing, dance and pray during the day-long event and place their offerings of flowers, fruit, sweets, cakes and other items on large trays that are then taken out to the ocean. Took only a few images, located on the Studio Lafoncette Facebook page.



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