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Truth be told I resisted doing this post. First I got an epic cold that turned into bronchitis the day after Ash Wednesday (because the ancestors knew I needed to be well for The Festival). And then every time I thought about my customary post where I embed a clip of Kitchener’s “The Carnival is Over” and say farewell I just couldn’t do it. Every time I listened to soca music I would ask myself, “Oh gosh, it really over?” It’s so sad my dear readers. It seems I was suffering an extra severe case of Carnival Tabanca. So today I give you Kitch (see link above) but the truth is in the modern era carnival is never done. People no longer eschew soca music entirely during the Lenten season (not everyone of course observes that religious observance). And carnivals birthed out of our great Trinidad Carnival occur in scores of cities in countries over the world. Although I may not travel to them this year I will continue to give you some of the footage and perhaps a tiny bit of education via photos, of the 2016 experience for the Blogging de Carnaval series. As always I hope you



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