Clive Zander conducts for Siparia Deltones in the Panorama Finals 2012


Exodus Pannist in her zone as they perform their rendition of “Aunty Pat” for the Panorama Finals 2012. Exodus is the only band that performs in an uncovered rack

The pan or steelpan is the only instrument known to be invented in the 20th century. It was created in Trinidad & Tobago, evolving from drums made from metal biscuit tins to the fashioning of discarded oil drums. However, the proper indigenous name for the instrument is NOT a steel drum, it is called a steelpan or pan. Many performers on various types of pans make up a steel orchestra or steel band. The instruments include tenor pans – the highest range of notes distributed over one pan, guitar pans, cello, double seconds, bass pans – the largest carrying a deep booming sound and comprised of 6 pieces. There are also other variations on which notes are distributed and new versions are being invented frequently, including an electronic pan. More on pan to come. In the meantime,




RBTT Sound Setters flag woman as they perform in the finals. This is the only large steelband from Tobago in the finals

Tenors showing off their stuff in Trinidad All Stars steelband

Musical genius Len Boogsie Sharp conducts for Phase II Pan Groove in the finals of Panorama 2012

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