Full disclosure, I am exhausted. I did my due diligence in honor of the ancestors today. Someone shared a comment that despite the some people not embracing their “African-ness”, they are still very much connected – including those not of African descent – especially through the clothing, dances and activities of carnival.

This is by no means the largest carnival (Brazil will always beat us in numbers), but the energy of Trinidad carnival is unimaginable. For those who worship at the altar of Carnival, there is an inexplicable joy  and an overwhelming emotion that comes from participating in the madness of it all. More than once I stopped and shook my head and said, “this is amazing and crazy.” At times the awareness of it brings tears to my eyes. I heard those sentiments several times yesterday from masqueraders and onlookers.

Music trucks shut down promptly at midnight, all who wanted took their last lap, and tomorrow morning it’s back to normal in sweet T&T. It’s hard to believe it’s over, but will return as pilgrims again  next year. I have enjoyed blogging de carnaval, and I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my posts. I will continue to periodically post on elements of Trinidad carnival and update photos.

Until then, thanks for reading,



3 thoughts on “The Carnival is Over (Blogging de Carnaval 29/36)”

  1. Enjoyed the blog and the pics Les! Looking forward to your pilgrimage to the mecca of Carnaval next year. Maybe one of these days I will decide to stop shovelling snow and play mehself in mud. But where are the pics from the day after when mas players was away their sins on the beaches?

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