As a child I would be scared of my life of the tall imposing figures dominating the scene at carnival. I remember being in Point Fortin one year and I hid behind my aunt, frightened beyond words as the Moko Jumbies passed. Moko jumbies are prevalent in almost every Caribbean carnival. Known as Chakaba or Nyon Kwoya in Guinea, or Agere in some parts of Nigeria, they  are an integral part of West African ceremonies. Tradition has it that these spirits are high above the common man because they represent the connection with our ancestors and their height gives them access to that spiritual world.

2 thoughts on “They call them spirits, ancestors. We call them Moko Jumbie (BdC 5/36)”

  1. This is a most amazing and imposing photograph. It is good to get some background knowledge about these subjects. Thank for the information. Tell the photographer that I said she did a really good job. Your work will take both of you very far.

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