Midnight Robbers, circa 1955, La-Brea, Trinidad, West Indies


Moko Jumbie Robber, 2009, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad


They come like thieves in the night. Not to steal your possessions, but to steal your pride and your dignity, the only weapon being their tongues. Influenced by American cowboy films of the 1920s and 1930s, and stories of urban bandits, the Midnight Robber became another traditional carnival character.

2 thoughts on “The Midnight Robber BdC (6/36)”

  1. Those were the days! There was a great deal of joy being involved in presenting the band. Sorry the whole of Edison T was not shown. He was as enthusiastic as the rest of us.

    Although they did not come first in La Brea, they did so in Point Fortin. They look authentic in their costumes, and they had a whale of a time. Thanks for the journey back in time.

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