Lenore Caterson is a Trinidadian native now living in Montreal Canada. She says has played mas since she was at least 3 or 4 years old, and has played queen of the band countless times. In the Dimanche Gras finals for the Trinidad & Tobago Queen of the Bands title she placed third in 2007 as Shaki-Goddess of D Forest (winner of the 2008 New York carnival title) second in 2008 with ‘Peesunt D Daughter of D Chief of Kitwanga’ and eighth in the 2009 finals portraying The Sacred Bird in the Kingdom of the Dragon. She participates in carnival competitions in her hometown of Montreal, Canada, in the Toronto Carnival (Caribana), in the West Indian American Day carnival in Brooklyn, NY, Miami Carnival, & other North American cities, and of course, in the motherland, Trinidad & Tobago. This is no small feat, as it involves a commitment of getting these enormous costumes to various regional and international locations. Last year she played Aditi – Goddess of the Past & Future from Legacy’s 2010 band, Masala.

Here’s an interview with Ms. Caterson.

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  1. These queens, as you have pointed out do a really great job, and in Lenore’s case she has extended herself in no small way.It is good that you have taken the time to interview them. I am sure that they have appreciated the fact that some one has seen it fit to show this interest in them. We are also very glad for the opportunity to learn more of the culture. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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