Aaron Duncan wins again

Jr. Calypso Monarch 2012 Aaron Duncan talking to the press

Jeromy Rodriguez, placed 6th and sang “Hear My Cry”

Allaysha Sylvan whose song, “Know Your Worth”, had the very compelling lines, “You are more than breasts and lips. You are more than legs and hips… Know your worth inside, young girl conduct yourself with pride.”

At the Queen’s Park Savannah 16 youth competed in the finals of the Junior Calypso Monarch competition today on topics ranging from abstinence, to patriotism, to comedic entries on learning from the internet. Eight-year-old Aaron Duncan won the title for the third time. There were a host of very good calypsonians, with meaningful compositions and solid performances. It’s really refreshing to see the youth perform. Many adults made this possible, preparing costumes, props, rehearsals, writing lyrics, countless trips to and from competitions. The young people showed great sportsmanship when results were announced although there was lots of surprise and disappointment.



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  1. It is wonderful to see the art form being carried on with our next generation. Calypso will live on. Congratulations to them all.

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