A Paramin Blue Devil near Queens Park Savannah on Carnival Tuesday night, 2009

Devils, Jab Molassie (Molasses Devil)

Anti sinnin’, anti-oppression, anti devilish overseers, French “planters” (what a nice neutral word) and British governors who beat, imprisoned and oppressed people, lest they forget who was in charge and superior. Become the devil in all of us, stamp out the devil outside, even if is just for two days.

Paramin Blue Devils reeking havoc near Picadilly Greens, East Port-of-Spain, Carnival 2010


I remember being scared out of my life by devils as a child. Usually they were the black variety – molasses devil – but covered in oil, such was their dedication to the mas (allyuh know how hard it is to wash off oil after Jouvert done?)!

I spotted these (above) on Carnival Tuesday one year, and after Jouvert the next. And although I was behind a “big” camera and a media pass, although their was a barrier behind me and them some times, I was still a bit scared I have to admit. Allyuh could say what yuh want, I paid them my money yes!

Grenada Jab Jab in DC Carnival, 2010

6 thoughts on “Devils, Jab Jab, Jab Molassie (BdC 3/36)”

  1. You playing mass and fraid powder? You have mouth for nothing. Don’t worry I was scared of the oil devils too, really because I was afraid they would mess up my nice carnival Tuesday pretty outfit. Remember when we used to have a special outfit to dress up in for Tuesday in San Fernando?

  2. I know of people who by just hearing the beat of the tin drums in the distance,began experiencing the fear. For the spectator, the farther they are the more they are appreciated, because they are part and parcel of carnival, and we want their presence, at a distance. I once saw a tourist at the airport on Ash Wednesday morning, returning to where ever, with one of the said tin drums. This evoked lots of smiles. He must have found this intriguing. The norm is to see the tourist returning with a head piece or some other part of a costume.

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