Canboulay 2011 was marred by the explosion of a transformer that caused sparks to fly into the air and shut off the microphones and most of the lights at Picadilly Greens this morning. It happened after they had begun to burn the effigy of Captain Baker and there was a bit of a stir as some onlookers worried about potential harm. Despite that, the re-enactment of the riots that occurred when carnival was first “institutionalized” in 1881 went on. Having attended last year and this, it seemed to be missing something. I understand that previous writer and activist who has been instrumental in creating the Canboulay re-enactment, Pearl Eintou Springer, was not a part of this year’s production.

Nevertheless, the people remember.



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  1. Very good photography. You have captured the true facial expressions and inner feelings of the people. Keep up the excellent work.

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