Anra Bobb’s house is overflowing with trophies of her national and regional titles. Her husband and partner was the late band-leader, Leslie Bobb. Together they spearheaded Leslie Bobb and Associates – one of the most successful mas bands in southern Trinidad. From the Bobbs’ home in Cocoyea they produced an adult and children’s band every year, for which they won several competitions.  Since 1983 Anra Bobb has won the national Queen of Carnival title 4 times, and won numerous South Queen titles. She is now a member and D’Midus & Associates and she competes in the northern regional queen competition. Additionally, she heads Anra Bobb and Friends, her children’s band, which continues the legacy of the immeasurable work she and her husband have contributed to the southern mas scene. For the full interview with Ms. Bobb, click here.

Junior Queen from Anra Bobb & Associates 2010 Kiddies Carnival presentation.

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