You may not have noticed, but this week is a retrospective. This was a wonderful experience, a jouvert like no other. It was blissful and as I looked back at these photos I was surprised at how much the reds and blues just popped off the page. I hope you like them. Here’s your BdC Lagniappe:

How to open a savannah. 🙂

1. Wake up at 2:00 AM on jouvert morning. Or, better yet, stay awake, just doh sleep.

2. Join some revolutionaries of mas. Find a vulgar fraction of mas warriors, mas avengers, artists, idealists, spiritual people.

3. Wear a mask – and this one is crucial.

4. Join de best jouvert band in de city. Or, find one in de country or any other town. It really doesn’t have to be in the city, remember, life exists outside of Port-of-Spain, as does mas, and it (life/de people/de mas) can be beautiful.

4. Sing and dance through the streets, make your way to Queens Park Savannah, stand up in front of the gates and shout and sing until they let you in.

And then



One thought on “BdC Lagniappe – How to Open a Savannah”

  1. You can’t stop them. Devils bats and dragons are in a class by themselves, as they get into the soul of the portrayal. Wonder if I recognise anyone!

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