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This is the last Blogging de Carnaval Lagniappe of the year. It’s been pretty awesome. I thank you for following and look forward to many more highs in the new year. Blogging de Carnaval will start soon and then my head will spin. The Lagniappe, of course, will be suspended during BdC because there is just so much to share anyway. I welcome your comments and suggestions on what aspects of carnival I have not yet covered in the series’ first and second years. Until then, stay blessed,



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So here goes:

While so many are tying up loose ends of the holiday season, many in Trinidad & Tobago are in full swing for carnival preparation. People ask when is carnival. Well, it occurs on the Monday and (Shrove) Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (an artifact of our colonialist past). There are parties that will begin this week, ┬ápeople are paying down deposits on expensive commercial costumes, people are getting measured, working out like crazy, buying tickets. The activity has begun. Carnival is not just two days, it is a season. So to the lagniappe question, how do we do carnival – we go hard and we start bit by bit, day by day, weekend by weekend until midnight on Carnival Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “BdC Lagniappe 52/52 Wrapping Up and Looking Forward”

  1. Medaa Wasi Paa (means thank you much in Twi). This has been a creative year and me and my family thank you for the education of our culture and sharing your visual arts with us and the world. We look forward to new visions and images of our rich culture in 2013. God Bless and have a prosperous new year. Peace and Blessings Always

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