: the combination of different forms of belief or practice
: the fusion of two or more originally different inflectional forms
More illustrations counter to the point that carnival was simply Africans appropriating European culture. Rather, they found subversive ways to protest the status quo and to act out their spiritual and religious practices as best they knew and remembered in environments where these practices were (and still are) treated with disdain, suspicion, demonized and dismissed. And today we have carnival.
DC0_0507Brooklyn Labor Day Jourvert 2009: Throwing of Powder, Layering oAkan Spiritual United Order - Graduation CeremonyAkan Spiritual United Order - Kwabena Duku GraduationThrowing of Powder, Layering of Money: Brooklyn Labor Day Jouver

6 thoughts on “BdC 6/42 Syncretism and Carnival”

    1. Yup. And it’s a shame that people make African culture into some sort of demonized, backward thing and try to disconnect it from so many forms of culture in the world. It is everywhere – in the Americas, Europe, Asia. If you look you’ll see it. A testament to strong culture, strong people, worthy of remembrance.

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