I was informed that this idea that Trinidad Carnival is full of large bands of thousands parading in skimpy costumes is actually a misconception. The majority of bands are medium, small or mini bands. Even among the kiddies bands this is true. Today I’m featuring a mini band from La-Brea – where I’m from. I especially liked their theme and quite expected there would be many along this trend this year, but I only observed one other children’s band and it celebrated Keshorn Walcott only. This band, INCLUSION Carnival, was led by writer, Zahra Gordon, and their presentation for this year was Islands In The Sun: Celebrating Caribbean Champions. I received a copy of the band write up which I’ve included below.



NCC Kiddies Carnival Parade NCC Kiddies Carnival Parade NCC Kiddies Carnival Parade

“Inclusion Carnival presents Islands in the Sun: Celebrating Caribbean Champions! Caribbean performance at the London Olympics 2012 was historic. Keshorn Walcott won T&T’s second gold medal and was the youngest ever javelin champion. Kirani James brought home Grenada’s first Olympic medal and it was gold to boot. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt becamethe first athlete in the history of the games to win the 100m and 200m races at consecutive Olympic games. The Bahamian men’s relay team broke their country’s national record also bringing home gold. The Cuban team continued to shine in boxing with some of the youngest competitors bringing home medals. Caribbean athletes brought home a whopping 36 medals demonstrating dynamism and greatness and coming home as true champions. In the spirit of Caribbean unity, we celebrate achievements of all the Caribbean nations and pay tribute to our athletes’ outstanding performances. Inclusion Carnival Islands in the Sun: Celebrating Caribbean Champions!

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