King and Queen of Carnival 2013

Charisse Bovell, Queen of Carnival 2013 .”Rakuen No Yorokobi” (The Joy of Paradise) from the band, Joy, The Finale by Brian MacFarlane

I must admit this new schedule of events – Calypso Monarch competition on Thursday night, King and Queen of the Bands on Friday night (concurrent with private event, International Soca Monarch) is not sitting well with me. The event was called Big Friday. By the looks of the crowd in the Grand Stand last night, it didn’t sit well with a lot of people. The attendance was moderate and lacking the normal luster and fanfare of a Dimanche Gras show. Perhaps folks will come out on Sunday for whatever it is they are having and calling Dimanche Gras.


Gerard Weeks, King of Carnival 2013 “Ai To Yujo No Yorokobi” (The Joy of Love & Friendship) from the band, Joy, The Finale by Brian Macfarlane


Ted Eustace, King of Carnival 2013, “Moko in Flames” from the band, Brazil Brazil, by Trini Revellers

For those of you who are new to Blogging de Carnaval, this is our 3rd year running the series. Dimanche Gras is a grand affair of a show normally held on the Sunday before Trinidad carnival – hence the name Dimanche Gras (french for big or grand Sunday). Normally the calypsonians vie for the Calypso Monarch title, kings and queens compete and junior king and queen of carnival appear on stage. Their competition would have been adjudicated this past Thursday and last night as well as the semi-final round of the Queen of Carnival competition. However, this year things have changed. Perhaps we’ll spend some time considering this later. In the meantime, photos.



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