Calypso Fiesta Men Who Can Lime & Women Who Love to Lime" at Calypso Fiesta

Last Saturday the National Carnival Commission hosted the annual semi-final round of the Calypso Monarch competition called Calypso Fiesta at Skinner Park San Fernando. Forty contestants vie for eleven coveted slots in the finals to attempt to dethrone the previous monarch – Duane O’Connor. It is an all day affair of picnic baskets, mega limes, tables, drinks food, large umbrellas, toilet paper and other sanitary¬†accouterments (for heckling an errant, incompetent or unpopular calypsonian), and of course posses.¬†¬†People join together get t-shirts designed in a colour with a theme normally printed on them, pool funds to supply drinks and food and sometimes purchase their event tickets together. I’ve often said if Trinis could organize this effectively for non-fete purposes we would rule the world. Here are a few photos of the melee of the After Party.



D Bouncing Start at Calypso Fiesta After Party Calypso Fiesta After Party Calypso Fiesta After Party

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