Mas Camps in Trinidad

Backpacks for the little girls’ section – An Orchid For You line the walls of the mas camp.

I visited Anra Bobb and Friends’ mas camp last week as they were preparing for the first kiddies carnival competition. Here are some behind the scenes photos. Photos of the final product will follow. For more information their mas camp is located at 11 Massey Street, Cocoyea 652-0137 and 620-2192. I believe they still have a few costumes left. Children will have many opportunites to play mas in the coming weekends as there are several competitions this weekend and the next.



Mas Camps in Trinidad

Above: Backpacks for the sections Fire Fire (foreground), Play Mas and Chutney Bacchanal

Mas Camps in Trinidad

Backpacks and head gear for the sections Toro Toro and Rain-o-Rama

Mas Camps in Trinidad

Above, backpacks for the section – Play Mas

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