Charles “Berlin” Mendoza has been doing mas for the past 27 years since 1982 Songs to remember. Wonderland, Our Very Own, Bravo to Literature, The Caribbean Man. He is the only man to have ever beat Wayne Berkley and Peter Minshall in category with a band entitled The Judges Eyes. He learned to make mas from his father and many others in the community. Berlin worked for some time with other bands a few years ago, but he decided that he wanted to return to doing his own thing. For this year his presentation is called Cocktail Party.

Berlin Carnival 2013Berlin Carnival 2013

Sections in Berlin’s band for 2013 Cocktail Party

Berlin Carnival 2013

Medium bandleader Charles “Berlin” Mendoza and sailor mas man Reynold Cooper, both veterans in the art of mas

Berlin Carnival 2013



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