Supporter for Brian London who sang the kaiso, Call Them Out (Lyrics below)


Good morning all. I have been away for such a long time because I’ve been engaged in a few non-photography, non-carnival projects that have really sucked up a lot of my time. I apologize. Doing some house cleaning of files today I was inspired to share a couple of these from Calypso Fiesta 2014. It’s challenging to convey the atmosphere of Skinner Park, San Fernando, where the semi-final round of the National Calypso Monarch competition takes place. By early afternoon the park is packed with uniformed crews, each polo shirt proclaiming some sort of community group or ideal (e.g. Men Who Love to Lime; “Winers Crew” and the shirt above).


Kurt Allen singing “Sweet Sizzling Summer”

Calypso Fiesta

A reveler at the Calypso Fiesta

A sample of Brian London’s “Call Them Out” courtesy http://guanaguanaresingsat.blogspot.com/2014/02/call-dem-out-song.html

Listening mih radio one day, I hear the announcer say

Allyuh call in and tell we when last you see your MP?

I was in mih living room, I turn up mih volume

Is now I listening ’cause this thing sounding interesting.

Then he say, this have nothing to do with your party or who you vote for

But call and talk the truth ’bout your MP

Whether you from East, West, North or South

Allyuh know what we talking ’bout

The lines are open, this is your chance to call them out.

The first caller call in…


I doh see dat man at all

Last time I was on Mosquito Creek,

A van pass light up like a police jeep

Then I hear the taxi driver saying,

Allyuh know that is Moonilal passing?

Up to now, boy, I can’t get mih road fix

Hello, hello? The man give she the click.


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