Benjai performing “Trini” at Calypso Fiesta, 2011

Crowd at Calypso Fiesta – Calypso Monarch Semi-finals, 2010

Today is the Calypso Fiesta. The semi-final round of the calypso monarch competition. Held at Skinner’s Park, in San Fernando, southern Trinidad, it is a raucous, buoyant proving ground for those who dare to call themselves calypsonian. Be prepared to be toilet papered off the stage Sandman style if you’re just not good enough. Joanie will raise her umbrella with a roll on top and so goes the crowd. Only one calpysonian has been known to overcome this barrage of boos – Denyse Plummer. The ten best will make it to “The Big Yard.”



One thought on “The People’s Competition BdC 11/21”

  1. As the saying goes, if you make it in Skinner Park, you can make it anywhere.

    Also don’t forget Gypsy and Lord Relator also received their fair share of toilet paper from Skinner Park.

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