Two youth masqueraders in different depictions of Papa Bois, mythical father of the forest from Trinidad folklore


I heard an interview with a Trinidadian jazz musician who said that before there was modern-day environmentalism as we know it, there was Papa Bois (papa bwa). Among the folklore of Trinidad and Tobago there is a figure called Papa Bois, which is French for Father Forest. Papa Bois is the protector of the forest who is half man, half cloven foot animal. He walks around with a cane and protects the animals from poachers and other maladies that may befall them. I don’t remember this, but the musician said that as a child he remembered being told if you littered Papa Bois would get you, and that was how we learnt to protect and care for our environment.

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  1. It is always a pleasure,to be able to get this information and exclusive pictures, and expand our knowledge about things local and international without having to do the research. It is an admirable feat. And my admiration is also extended to the masqueraders who not only do the research but produce the costumes. And this is a very good time for the children to know some of the folk lore,

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