Ole mas is the term used for mas/ costumes created with used materials, most often things found around the house. More important than the environmentalism is that ole mas is about social and political commentary. The costumes generally come with a placard as well with the statement that the person portraying the mas wants to convey, and are most often seen at jouvert. The better ones leave you laughing heartily, and thinking. As often found in carnival, international events are caught up in the mix. For instance, for carnival 1999 there were quite a few blue dress-political scandal themed-portrayals among them, and in 2001 there were several anthrax invasion bands.

One thought on “Ole Mas (BdC 5/21)”

  1. I can’t figure out if I should laugh or cry at the last photo “Obama eat up ma cane.” I have to say West Indians are blessed with the ability to make fun of others and ourselves. This is definitely a true Carnival art form that should be preserved. I take pride in our ability to make pecong and laugh at the social events of today–that’s definitely a stress reliever.

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