High tech, high tech! Identifying details have been obscured to protect the innocent (masquerader) 🙂

The National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) has smart card technology for masqueraders. From what I noticed the masquerader’s card is scanned before they cross the stage and the masquerader waits for a receipt that is generated from another machine after they have passed the judges. High tech mas I say. But I noticed that last night’s event started 2 hours late because they didn’t have a sound system. That might be human error rather than lack of technology. But someone said the cards analogous to investing in Viagra technology when yuh don’t know about penicillin, or getting braces when yuh mouth full of cavities. That’s what happens sometimes when you give a child plenty money. Ah done! And the soundtrack for this post’s title?*



*If your not a family member**, and you can email me an answer to why that’s the soundtrack for this title, I’ll award you an 8 x 10″ matted print of any carnival image you choose. First one to email an answer before Ash Wednesday wins.

** Rules:

Family members of this blog’s author are not permitted to enter.

Winner consent’s to her/his image being used to announce prize in a subsequent blog post.

Open to anyone where free contests of this sort are permitted by law.

No purchase necessary to enter.


0 thoughts on “High Tech High Tech! (BdC 15/21)”

  1. I think you chose that sound track to show that we don’t have to wait for the soundtrack or music for that matter. We are a very creative set of people and we can make our own music anytime, anywhere and it will sound good. Even it is only two words or two lines. I want my prize before Ash Wednesday please.

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