Kankalang Village, a band depicting “bachannal” and “comese” in village life i.e. small town gossip and drama, was another Brooklyn Jouvert band. Here is one of the individual masqueraders – the soucouyant. The soucouyant is a mythical figure that is sort of like a vampire. She takes off her skin and flies around at night sucking the blood of unsuspecting victims. She must return to her skin before sunrise or she will perish.



6 thoughts on “Soucouyant – Kankalang Village from Brooklyn Jouvert”

  1. Did you ever meet anyone who said that Soucouyant suck them? Remember those stories that the old people told at night and you used to be so scared that you could not go to bed by yourself?

      1. Priscilla, tell me what you remember about growing up in the country and the folk tales. It would be nice to see more of these in mas. The more we do, the more we create the better we remember and pass on to our children. Thanks for following and for your comments.

  2. I have seen a blue mark on a lady’s leg, which she claimed was the result of being sucked by a soucoouyant, which mark, she pointed out looked suspiciously like lip marks. Anyway she swears that it was the real thing. . Others contended that it was really a bruise caused by bumping into a table edge or something. It is anybody’s guess. And there was the time we were frightened into believing that mountain dew was a demon, and to prevent any from entering the house, one needed to have an open scissors, I can’t remember, where it was to be placed, only to find out some time later, that mountain dew was bush rum. And we had firmly believed when we heard this tale.

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