Tanker on Charlie's Roots Truck

Update: Masassassin is the winner of the prize. The above photo is indeed of the great Trinidadian Andre Tanker on the Charlie’s Roots truck for Peter Minshall’s Picoplat, Carnival 2002.

Masassassin, here’s what you need to do:

Choose an image from any on the blog or on https://www.facebook.com/StudioLafoncettePhotography.

Send me your contact info.

Wait for your 5×7″ card with said 4×6″ image to arrive in the post.

So I like to add a lil blast from the past to the Bloggin de Carnaval series. Here’s this lovely gem I unearthed from Carnival 2002. Should I name him, or wait for your comments? First one to name him gets the gift of a framed 4×6″ carnival print card.

I’ll update the blog with the name later today.



PS: Here’s the lagniappe

Tanker on Charlie's Roots Truck

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