Jab Jab Possee on Georgia Avenue, DC Caribbean Carnival 2010 

Hello folks, I’m back! Did you miss me? I’m sorry I’ve left you for so long. No excuse is appropriate, I know. I will try not to do so again. I had looked forward to a series on DC Caribbean Carnival, but it appears it is dead this year. I wonder where the carnival babies will play, where the pilgrims will pilgrimage. The main themes: DC government says the committee owes over $200,000 and they were warned last year that there would be no parade this year if they didn’t pay up. The DC Caribbean Carnival Committee says they were promised funding that was pulled at the last minute and the City has often mandated a show of force that is excessive for this type of event and as a consequence, costly. And The People (that ephemeral but culturally distinctive group that appears in crisis and in triumph) says that the government doh want de carnival, or Caribbean people, or black people anyway, or one can’t trust the committee. Other people say, “we going Baltimore”, “move it from DC altogether”, “who cares, the parade is crap we’ll just have fetes.”  I am wondering whether blogging is enough. But for now, less talk, more pictures. I’ll figure out a way to mourn or fight. See you soon.




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