Wednesday is BdC Lagniappe day, where I give some how-to information about mas.  So here it is, how to make your social or political statement through mas:

1. Pick a theme to speak truth to power – read your newspapers, listen to the news on the radio, on tv, look around your community.

2. Make a slogan, joke or definitive statement that fits on a placard. It must be catchy, or funny, it must resonate with the audience you’re trying to reach.  If you can embarrass the powerful taking advantage of the weak, if you can buck the status quo, even better.

3. Create a costume, preferably from elements already in your wardrobe, your friends’ wardrobes, the thrift store, recycled items. Wearing a mask is a great, traditional option, but is not totally necessary.

4. Make onlookers look, make them laugh, disturb them, offend their sensibilities, make them think.

5. Take your mas on the road, enjoy yuhself, remember your message.

5 thoughts on “BdC Lagniappe: How Make Statements Through Mas”

  1. Nuff Said. t sure makes a statement, which is what J’ouvert used to be back in the days. I miss the ole mas days of J’ouvert. People used to look forward to the social commentary. That was one time where you had freedom of speech without being afraid of the consequences.

  2. Thnks for the hints. You never know I might still play j’ouvert. lol The competitions were the greatest, and I used to look forward to them. Could remember one band whose theme was ‘Time’ and long after the band was off the stage and two other bands had paraded, that ‘Trinidad Time’, then strolled on.

    I am sure at least one person will take your advice, although I suspect several of them will.

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