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Normally I try to run a lagniappe to Blogging de Carnval just to keep on highlighting the less known facts about the tradition.

I discovered these amazing costumes at the Traditional Mas competition. Mr. Russell and his daughter designed and made their own costumes. These wonderful masqueraders, wearing traditional Indian mas, hail from the southern city of San Fernando. Take note of the amazing tin work all done by hand on these costumes. This is a dying tradition and it is rarely seen in mas anymore. How many times can I say amazing?



4 thoughts on “BdC Lagniappe 1”

  1. Truly beautiful and amazing. I remember the time when a lot of the mas in San-Fernando were Indian mas. I could just imagine the time, love and effort that have gone into the making of those costumes. Now that is one picture that I would buy and frame. Let me know if any is for sale.

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