This image hangs above my bed right now. It’s part of a series I took in 2011. It totally doesn’t go with my bed linen or the color scheme, but somehow it seems to fit in so well. I’m surprised.

Normally I’d do a Blogging de Carnaval Lagniape today, giving insights into how some aspect of mas is created. However, I’m putting that off for now. I had hoped to share some info on DC Carnival bands, but DC carnival is dead for now. Yes, I know, some will say there is still feting and there is Baltimore “One Carnival” (big up to the northern MD city for keeping their ish together), but one purpose of this blog is to showcase the mas culture and history of carnival in images. Carnival is just not fete. There is deep history and meaning in our carnival. Remember that today please, and while you’re at it, here’s some homework:

Ask someone, a friend, an elder, call your mama or granny back home, find out what is carnival, what is mas? Go ahead, ask it. And if you find out something new and informative, do like you would with this blog, share and



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