I went to – some would say – ridiculous lengths to capture this. We’ve had snow for the past two days (yes, I know, folks from New York, Boston, the northern and prairie states would laugh at us wimps, but we just don’t have the infrastructure for it okay)! Right now light snow is coming down outside my window, as it has been for the past two hours. On Wednesday, when I’d hoped to post, we had an odd, wet snow storm with lightening and thunder, and drifts that caused commuters to abandon cars or made 20 minute drives into 6-hour drives. I have colleagues who left the office at 5:00 pm and got home at 11:00 pm. So yesterday, when I spotted a glimmer of blue, I trecked all the way out to where I could get a good enough sighting of it to share with you folks. No matter how cold, or slushy or ridiculous it is, after more than a week of grey skies, I’d like you to feast your eyes folks, on that spot of blue. Even the snow man is pleased.



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