Pan Practice at CAFÉ

This week’s photo of the week was difficult to decide from the choices I gave myself. In the midst of all this carnival activity, I want to share something related that speaks to how Caribbean people around the world hold on to their culture and pass it on to their children. Even if you don’t care about that. These kids are just cute 🙂



Little girls from the junior pan class practicing “Move It!”, CAFE, Hyattsville, Maryland


Did some work for the Cultural Academy for Excellence last week – one could say “A Day in the Life of CAFE”. The Cultural Academy for Excellence is a music and academic program focused on the steelpan based in Hyattsville, Maryland, USA. CAFE includes a youth orchestra, Positive Vibrations Steel Orchestra, a beginner’s band, and now, I understand, a newly minted adult pan class. On Saturdays they have academics during the morning, the older students are preparing for the Maryland Mock Trial competition, and art and chess classes. You can find more information on CAFE at

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week 6/52”

  1. Looks like new minted pans as well. The subject is also part of carnival, and it is a very positive aspect to mix the academics with the culture. Thumbs up to CAFE and its initiative and for its photographer of choice.

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