Faces of DC (Carnival)

The above photos were taken in a neighborhood called Petworth, in NW DC during DC Carnival 2010. I have no idea of whether these are locals or not, they’re just faces in Petworth, having a good time during DC Carnival. This was my inspiration: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/a-surprising-look-at-faces-of-petworth/2011/08/12/gIQAxMZXOJ_story.html

Enjoy your weekend

I’ll be walking around (maybe Petworth) with my camera



*Title inspired by Earl Lovelace’s most recent novel, Is Just a Movie, a novel set in a “society where political leaders are self-serving and the villagers are voiceless, often self-defeating.” (The cynic in me says, “Isn’t that everywhere?”).

Excerpt taken from the review of the novel on www.repeatingislands.com see link above for full review.

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