NCC Kiddies Carnival Parade

These girls wanted their photo taken together. Kiddies Carnival in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies

My word, we’ve come to the last photo of the week for 2012. This has been a great blogging year for me. I look forward to the developments and successes of the coming year. Studio Lafoncette had twice as many site visits this year as last and 15 times as many as the year before. This would not be possible if you didn’t keep checking in here to find out more about mas and mas culture. That says to me you love knowing about it. And I love what I do. Continue discovering more about this culture of ours that reaches so far beyond what I could imagine, continue sharing it with people. Our story is bigger if we cherish it and put the hard work in ourselves to promote it. Thanks so much for discovering with me and all the best for 2013.

Keep looking up and while you’re at it



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  1. More than appreciated. They are dressed in my favourite colour while expressions of so much happiness, that it really lifts the spirit. Your blogs have brought a great deal of happiness, not only to me but to thousands of others. I wish you continued successful blogging in 2013, and happiness tenfold to you.

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