The sudden heavy downpour last Sunday gave me a moment to sit still, to reflect, to watch. Luckily, my activities at that point were┬áindoors, so I was sheltered from the power of the water thrashing the earth. The earthquake earlier this week was harmless but sent a scare through people on the east coast who aren’t used to such a thing, and haven’t experienced one before. Things like that remind us of nature’s power and how we are tiny in our existence in this universe. With the impending hurricane/tropical storm heading our way this weekend, I hope you are safe and prepared, and if nature’s wrath interupts your usual business, be it hanging out in person or on social networks, or shopping, take a moment to enjoy everything else.



2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week 35/52: A moment”

  1. These days I am paying closer attention to things in general, and I took a closer look at your ‘signature’ picture, and really noticed the work of art that adorned the little masquerader’s eyes. It is truly a beautiful picture, presented through the eyes of the photographer.

    Now for the current blog, it is honestly the first time that I could remember, seening rain depicted that way. The rain could be devilish, but like fire it can also be a thing of beauty, . However it is worth looking at an enjoying and this morning you have certainly give me great pleasure.

    Thank you.

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