Red Baarat at the Jazz & Heritage Stage, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2011

The end of one good opportunity led to me seeing these guys perform at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. If the photo pit at the stage on which John Legend was performing didn’t close early I wouldn’t have gotten to see Mos Def (the greatest!) or heard Red Baarat. Which just goes to show, one door closes and sometimes it’s opening up other opportunities. Red Baarat is a wild, energetic mix of Bhangra and jazz with serious drumming and horns to compliment Punjabi beats. They performed at the Strathmore free summer concert series this past week and they were true to form. If you ever hear that Red Baarat is in town, and you like jazz, Bhangra, something different, you should check them out. In the meantime, it’s the weekend!

And just because I like to give you a little lagniappe, here are a couple more of them:



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