It’s hot out there, so whatever you do, even if you don’t have the freedom to run through a cool fountain like this one, take care of yourself.

Hitting the 8000 hit mark today folks so in celebration, you get to choose which of these is your photo of the week. Put the number in the comments box please.



2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week (30/52) You Choose”

  1. This was as usual a very thoughtful presentation. It was reminiscent of France with Zahra Danica & Millie going through the water maze. I am sure the vision has lent some ‘clememcy’ to the weather and gave your other viewers some respite from the heat. I am actually stuck between numbers five and six, but if I am pushed I think I will go for number five, because in that one he seems to be enjoying it the most.

    Thanks for the pics and congratulations on your achievement. I am sure it would be climbing higher and higher.

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