I’ve been blogging every day this week. Of course, I had to make it up to you after so long. But with everything else in my life, boy it’s been hard work! So to celebrate I offer you something really special, not simply because of the subject (though she is special to me), but here are the other details.

This is a photo, taken with my Nikon N65 camera and 35 mm film, is of a female six bass player in Pan Master’s Steel Orchestra on the road for DC Caribbean Carnival 2008. The six bass is a hard working piece. It is a pan comprised of six large drums that sustain the heavy, constant rhythm that is the engine of the music. The tenors play the melody, they are fast and fancy and they get all the attention. But always there in the background is that bass, dudup, dudup, dudup – the heart of the music they bring to you. Look at the sweat on her arms, the blur as her sticks whiz by with the up tempo, the smile on her face as she delivers with passion, pride and sheer joy. This is my photo of the week. I hope it inspires you to keep on going and even perhaps, to do something good, or do something great.



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  1. I hope they also get into something that they enjoy. But she is special to me too, haircut and all. Enjoyed it immensely.

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