I’ve been using all of my mental powers to make it through the cold weather. This image has come to mind frequently. I shot it casually on a sunny (what else is there) day on Station Beach, La-Brea. It was quiet, there were few people there, some “fishermen” (and woman), a few children playing, and a poet I know :-). I ran away to the beach with my camera as I was getting ready for a trip to Point Fortin. The beach sometimes breaks my heart because some of the vistas have been crowded out by industrialization. But there is still peace and quiet. As I hurried away to get back to my scheduled tip, I stopped to see this young man playing football with another little boy. I think it was the colour of his shorts contrasting with the colourĀ of his skinĀ that caught my eye. I really love red. And, what couldn’t be more liberating than a game of “small goal” or just kicking ball on the beach. For those of you in the warmth, or those of you with good imaginations



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