Tonight dear friends I bid farewell to winter. The ground hog has not reared his face and tonight we’re expecting an ice storm lasting into tomorrow morning. But tomorrow brings the dawn of February 1 and although Trinidad Carnival 2011 is in March this year – a rarity – the season has begun. So as long as there is pan playing, costumes making, people feting and sun in my heart, we will celebrate, commemorate and venerate our ancestors – most especially EGR (my personal Mas Man ancestor) and the Africans enslaved and kidnapped to Trinidad and all the other islands of the Caribbean, Latin America, and the rest of the “New World” who created this new, old innovative and crafty rebellion/celebration. For the next 36 days I hope to share images of carnival with you. During this journey I welcome your comments and your contributions. Feel free to share your own personal carnival story. I hope you are enlightened and entertained. If you wish for a more intellectual, or at least literary twist on the discourse, you can check out Zee Speaks. Until the end of the reign of the Merry Monarch folks, carnival is my religion.



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