Last Sunday children’sGP1_0732

Denzil-Patrick Jennings, king of the band Gems of the Caribbean from Eckles Village AC School & Friends

carnival kicked off some of the more visible events/ competitions in Trinidad. Kiddies carnival is the real start of it all for me as I love to see the children’s costumes and the wonderful energy they bring to playing mas. Here are a few images from kiddies carnival at Guaracara Park in Point-a-Pierre, south Trinidad. There’ll be more visual treats to come soon.

GP1_0820 GP1_0729 GP1_0738 GP1_0791 GP1_0800 GP1_0818



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  1. I hope you are reading my comments. I will try to see the calypso competition in San Do today while I do house cleaning. So glad that you started back. Blessings.

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