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I say viewers because this is a photo blog, though I do write a bit. I hope the new year finds you in uplifted spirits, open to the blessings that the universe will send your way be they material or ethereal.  So I owe you some posts. I started the new year in warmth and I’m going to share a peaceful familiar scene with you. I returned to the Pitch Lake in La-Brea, Trinidad to catch a sunset, a flower or something as satisfactory as I had shot before. Three years ago my camera fell. Luckily the main damage was minimal, a clasp and the  filter broke. I ventured to the Pitch Lake to introduce someone new, and do what children in La-Brea do to this day – take a splash in the water (never mind those huge signs I noticed for the first time this year warning not to trespass or bathe :-)).

Sadly, the Mama D’Leau and the orishas of nature were in an onery mood and didn’t give me anything near what I wished for.  The sun was gone, the lilies were asleep (how dare they!) and it just wasn’t what I’d captured before. But here you have it nonetheless folks. My lake, home. It never fails. It’s hard to stand in a lily pond at the edge of twilight with the faint sound of cars heading to Point Fortin in the distance, children laughing and splashing in the center of the lake, birds chirping in your midst and this other “quiet”, and not think you’ve found your own little piece of heaven.



PS: I’ve included some of my previous photos of the lake so you can see what I mean).

The Pitch Lake, January 1, 2011

And a look back in 2007


And in 2002


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  1. I don’t know why I’m still up. However, I did see the new post and wanted to leave a comment. I see the contrast.Great pics though!

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