The Shortknee is Grenada’s version of the Pierrot Grenade. Good to see they were represented in DC¬† Carnival 2011. In light of the disappointment at this year’s festival I’d like to say this. Caribbean people, we have an amazing vibrant culture. It is deeply connected to our African heritage, but embodies the spirit of adaptation, flexibility, and collective work. With carnival we remember how our ancestors came against their will from distant places and out of a sorrow and will to survive they made something that combined their cultures with the new ones they met. We can do that in DC too. We have a lot to be proud of and to work hard for, and to fight for in our culture. So if it means something to you, for goodness sake, fight for it. I’ve heard there will be meetings coming up soon about the state of the DC carnival. I hope they are well publicised and that people become more active in improving on the hard work others have done before. Something will only continue if we want it, if we fight for it and are truly motivated to keep it going.



4 thoughts on “Shortknee in DC Carnival”

  1. Speech Girl!!! But what you say is quite true. You are certainly picking up a great deal of background for your blog, and we are all learning.

    Thank you.

  2. on behalf of the wolfpak short knee crew we will like to say thanks for your writeup on our band it took lots off work but we did it special thanks to Mrs Jane wilson and Mrs Lisda Sawney for the hard work did in getting us ready in such a short time …..

    1. Thanks for commenting. It’s always a pleasure to showcase the highlights of carnival. It was refreshing to see you guys on the road, you added variety amidst the sea of plumes and bikinis. Keep holding onto and promoting your culture to future generations.

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