I toyed with the idea of making a composite of these three photos, but decided against it. As they exist these photos tell a story. Above are images of the crowds at the “Caribbean” Wine Festival (quotes mine) on the Sunday before Memorial Day. The “Caribbean” Wine Festival is a two-day $20.00 per person open air jam session featuring a DC Metro steelband, a local band and thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Caribbean people. Thousands flock the 90 minute-plus drive from the DC Metropolitan Area (and perhaps from the Baltimore Metropolitan Area) to attend. Berrywine Plantations/Liganore Wine Cellars is a family-owned winery and vineyard run out of Mt. Airy, Maryland. If you take the tour you’ll hear from vintner’s daughter the family’s history of wine-making from their German¬†ancestry¬†to the great advances they’ve made today. They host several of these festivals all summer long. Day 2 of the Caribbean Wine Festival occurs on the same day as Pan Master’s Steel Orchestra’s Pan Jam in Brentwood, Maryland. Pan Master’s is a local steelband comprised of and run by Caribbean immigrants living in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

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