Walter, aka Spy Boy Trigga, of the 9th Ward Seminole Mardi Gras Indians


I’ve blogged before about Indian mas in Trinidad and the similarities with Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans. Here’s a member of the Red White and Blue and the Wild Mohicans Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans, LA.

4 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Indians (Bdc 36/36)”

  1. This is a great picture as usual, and I am certainly glad to see the connection. Looking forward to seeing more. Didn’t even think that any spectacle like this would have graced the festival.

    I gave it a grade five vote, but not sure what it registered, as I accidentally clicked on the first star as well.


  2. My name is Walter a.k.a. Spy Boy Trigga with the 9th w/d Seminole Mardi Gras Indian Tibe in New Orleans!!! Need any info about the pic ask me the man in the picture please contact me at 504-202-4695 thanks!!!

    1. So nice to talk to you Walter. I was so impressed by the traditions you guys have kept up in New Orleans. I hope that some day our communities are able to have some sort of exchange. Look out for a digital print from me in the mail. This connection means good things for the future!


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